Ume Preparatory Academy

Job Postings

Dallas Elementary Campus
Dyslexia Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
PE Coach (2 days per week)
Child Nutrition Staff
Dallas Secondary Campus
ASL I Teacher (MWF)
ASL II Teacher (TTH)
Personal Finance and Communication Teacher (TTH)
African American Studies Teacher (MWF)
7th and 8th Grade Health Teacher (MWF)
7th Grade Reading Teacher (TTH)
7th Grade Science Teacher (MWF)
8th Grade History Teacher (MWF)
Algebra I Teacher (MWF)
9th-12th Geometry Teacher (MWF)
9th -12th Grade Biology Teacher (MWF)
9th -12th Grade Chemistry Teacher (MWF)
Government/Economics Teacher (TTH)
PE Aide/Lunch Aide (M-F)
Curriculum and Instruction (MWF)
College and Career Readiness (TTH)
Duncanville Elementary Campus
3rd Grade Math/Science Teacher
5th Grade ELA Teacher
Math Interventionist/STAAR Coordinator
Mansfield Elementary Campus
K-6 Music Teacher
1St Grade Teacher
3rd Grade ELA/SS Teacher
6th Grade ELA Teacher
ESL Assistant
SpEd Teacher
SpEd Aide
Child Nutrition Manager
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