A Message from the Director of Athletics


The athletics program at UME Prep provides a variety of interscholastic athletic teams in which students are encouraged to participate. The athletic program delivers opportunities for the student-athlete to engage in interscholastic competition with integrity and a spirit that honors the high behavioral standards of the Academy. Life lessons are learned through team participation, and the values of work ethic, humility and reliability; good sportsmanship, self-motivation and self-discipline, commitment, and perseverance are stressed to each team member. The athletic program values safe and fair play and has an appreciation for playing to win and being gracious in victory and defeat.


Shared Beliefs 

UME Preparatory Academy believes that quality education includes the opportunity to participate in athletics. The athletics program is extracurricular only in the sense that student involvement is a voluntary privilege. Involvement in the athletics program requires passing grades and an investment of considerable time outside the school day. Therefore, with these opportunities available, students are expected to represent the school with exemplary behavior wherever they go. It is vital that each student involved with the athletics program realize that no matter how formidable the opposition, the team competes to win. Every athlete should strive to be first. They are to be coached and are to play in such a way as to compete for victory, and expect to have victory. Though, winning is the goal, there are valuable lessons and opportunities for growth to be gained in losing as well.  



League Affiliations               


UME Prep is a member of TCSAAL (Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League) & TAIAO (Texas Association of Independent Athletic Organizations)


A list of sports offered by the Academy:

  • Varsity Football
  • Junior High Flag Football
  • Varsity & Junior High Cheerleading
  • Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior High Volleyball
  • Varsity & Junior High Girls & Boys Cross Country
  • Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior High Girls Basketball  
  • Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior High Boys Basketball
  • Varsity & Junior High Girls & Boys Track & Field
  • Varsity & Junior High Girls & Boys Tennis
  • Varsity & Junior High Girls Soccer
  • Varsity & Junior High Boys Soccer
  • Varsity Girls Softball
  • Varsity & Junior High Boys Baseball


Thank you for your continued support of UME Prep Athletics.