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Welcome you to our Parent Equipping Program (PEP) web page.

At UME Prep, we want to strengthen families as we help students succeed in a college-preparatory environment that prepares men and women of character for the next generation. Our Parent Equipping Program (PEP) serves as our primary avenue in fulfilling this mission as we strive to increase the level, types, and quality of parent involvement in their children’s education.

We realize how vital it is for parents to be involved in their children’s lives, and we understand that all parents face their own, unique set of circumstances and challenges in raising and educating them. We know, too, that many parents struggle every day, often through circumstances beyond their control, to devote the time necessary to be proactively involved in their children’s education. Still other parents may feel overwhelmed, lost, or lacking confidence that they have the knowledge, skill, or ability necessary to be involved. Our Parent Equipping Program is a fundamental element of the academy—one that provides the support, encouragement, and opportunity for interested parents to obtain the information and develop the skills crucial to be successfully involved in their children’s instruction.

UME Prep eagerly partners with parents, so they have access to resources, technology, and individuals that support them with the information and tools they need to more readily impact their children’s development. Emphasis for the program will center on:

  1. General preparation for academic success, with special attention given to general parenting issues and information on the University Method of Education for Grades K-12
  2. Practices and procedures supporting study in specific academic disciplines or grade levels
  3. Parent-school communications and cooperation

Training opportunities will vary each semester with the most direct method employed by UME Prep being in-person meetings scheduled on the school calendar and publicized in advance. The program will include seminars, suggested readings, workshops, and other activities and avenues that we will be exploring as our program develops. Besides utilizing campus facilities and staff, we will look to include guest speakers, community resources, and the Internet as additional outlets for information.

Again, welcome. We are excited about getting to know all of you better and look forward to partnering with and assisting you as you seek greater involvement in your child’s academic and extracurricular pursuits here at UME Preparatory Academy.