Ume Preparatory Academy

High School Academic Advising


UME Prep offers a college preparatory graduation plan that meets the state requirements for the Foundation Plan with several endorsement options and Distinguished Level of Achievement. The UME Prep courses we offer to our scholars have been chosen to reflect our commitment to providing a college preparatory curriculum that exceeds state standards for graduation.



Eleventh grade is the year that PSAT scores are used for National Merit Scholarship decisions. The PSAT is also one of the tests students can use to show college readiness for enrollment in Dual Credit courses.



Current 11th graders should register to take the SAT and ACT at the following sites:


Please see below for upcoming test dates and the registration deadlines:


Test Date: August 24, 2019, registration by July 26, 2019
Test Date: October 5, 2019, registration by September 6, 2019
Test Date: November 2, 2019, registration by October 3, 2019
Test Date: December 7, 2018, registration by November 8, 201
Test Date: March 14, 2020, registration by February 14, 2020
Test Date: May 2, 2020, registration by April 3, 2020
Test Date: June 6, 2020, registration by May 8, 2020

SAT School Day at UME is scheduled for April 14, 2020. Scholars must have registered by February 21st to participate.
*Find out if the schools to which you are applying require that you also take subject tests. If so,
these will need to be scheduled in addition to the standard SAT test.
Test Date: September 14, 2019, registration by August 16, 2019
Test Date: October 26, 2019, registration by September 20, 2019
Test Date: December 14, 2018, registration by November 8, 2019
Test Date: February 8, 2020, registration by January 10, 2020
Test Date: April 4, 2020, registration by February 28, 2020
Test Date: June 13, 2020, registration by May 8, 2020
Test Date: July 18, 2020, registration by June 19, 2020
Academic Advising Meetings Spring 2020

Saturday, February 29th 9:15 am - 10:10 am at Family University
Saturday, February 29th 10:15 am - 11:10 am at Family University
Tuesday, March 3rd 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm at Secondary Building Cafeteria
Credit by Exam Dates
Tuesday, October 8th, 2:00 pm
Tuesday, December 10th, 2:00 pm
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2:00 pm
Tuesday, April 21st, 2:00 pm
*Please review the student handbook for information about CBE, and
contact to set up an exam.


Dual Credit

UME Prep provides scholars the opportunity to take dual credit courses in several subject areas. Please contact Celeste Sarpalius for information about applying to take dual credit courses at UME.



Graduation Planning

Our academic advisors help scholars with a personal graduation plan and course selections. The following documents provide information essential to the process.

Personal Graduation Plans

UME Prep offers students several endorsement options: STEM, Arts and Humanities, and Multidisciplinary. Please see the personal graduation plans below for the pathway to these endorsements.

Honors Program

Scholars may apply to be in the honors program by filling out the application below, meeting the grade requirements, and gaining the necessary teacher recommendations.  The honors courses at UME are embedded in the regular classroom in the core subjects for grades 9-12.