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School Profile

Our Mission
UME Preparatory Academy exists to produce college-and-work ready graduates who have a strong work ethic, firm grounding in core academic content, and major academic and vocational skills, and to offer parents, as their child's first and life-long teachers, time and training so that they will have enhanced opportunities to strengthen their families as they exercise greater influence over the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of their children.


Expanding Public School Options
UME Prep seeks to expand the University Method of Education for Grades K-12 and to serve a wider range of families with greater diversity. In doing this, we are expanding public education options by creating a new kind of public school that will provide students with a unique opportunity for acquiring a high quality, college-preparatory education previously unavailable outside the private school realm.

Proven Success
K-12 schools based on the University Method of Education (UME) have been in existence for almost two decades in the private sector, with over 50 private UME schools open across the country (21 in Texas and 9 in the Dallas/Fort Worth vicinity). UME Prep is the first public charter UME school to be established.


Innovation and Inspiration
UME Prep seeks to create an innovative and inspirational environment in which students can develop a strong academic work ethic, a solid background in core academic content, and also major intellectual life and career skills. We achieve this through a university method of class scheduling, lower student-to-teacher ratios than required by the state, and a blend of face-to-face and computer/technology-aided classroom instruction. A key component contributing to this environment is our Parent Equipping Program (PEP), where we invite and encourage interested parents to be uniquely involved in their child’s educational experience.


Student Goals

  • A strong work ethic for life and for their continued academic or extracurricular pursuits
  • A strong background in core academic content
  • Major intellectual, life, and career skills for success


Geographic Boundary
Due to the widespread interest from parents willing to travel for their children to attend UME Prep, our official geographic boundary includes the following school districts: