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Is UME Prep Ideal for Your Family?

We thank you for taking the time to learn about the University Method of Education and how this method strives to partner the on-campus professional teacher with the willingly involved at-home parent. A strong school-family partnership is the key to students benefiting from the university method of class scheduling, thus allowing students to develop a strong work ethic, acquire significant academic content and skills, and build meaningful relationships with their parents.

As you strive to discern whether UME Preparatory Academy is ideal for your family, we invite you to reflect on the following questions:


1.  Do you live within one of districts that UME Prep serves?


2.  Understanding that students will attend for 5 days a week, for typically 5 hours a  day, will your location and schedule allow for you to be involved?

3.  Does a reduced on-campus instructional day appeal to you, so you can be more involved in supporting and enriching your child’s academic endeavors with the guidance of the on-campus teacher?

4.  Is your family’s work schedule one that allows for an adult family member to be at home with your children since UME Prep’s shortened on-campus instructional day is intentionally designed to provide parents with the opportunity to influence their child’s faith and values and strengthen their work ethic and time management skills?

5.  Does the idea of being more involved with your children appeal to you, and do you feel this direction is right for your family at this time?

6.  Do you find it encouraging that UME Prep has a Parent Equipping Program (PEP) to provide the training, support, and networking opportunities to help you make this paradigm shift toward the collegiate educational approach utilized at UME Prep?

7.  Does it excite you to know that UME Prep will partner with you to help your children prepare not only to go to college but to succeed in college?

8.  Would you be interested in being a part of a school that utilizes the Family Engagement Method of Shared Responsibility where the child’s education is the responsibility of both the parent and the teacher?

9.  Great things are happening in traditional public and private schools and in homeschool settings, but if these current options do not fully meet your family’s needs, do you believe UME Prep might be the solution?

After reflecting upon these questions, if you are excited about the opportunity to enroll your children at UME Prep, please visit our admissions page to begin the application process. We look forward to serving your family!