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The Three Key Elements of UME Prep

The University Method of Education for Grades K-12 has three key structural elements that function together to strengthen families as we help students succeed in a college-preparatory environment that prepares men and women of character for the next generation. These three key structural elements are:

  1. A rigorous college-preparatory instructional program aligned with the TEKS and permeated with high expectations and a focus on the development of a strong work ethic.
  2. A university method of class scheduling that involves reduced instructional hours in the classroom complemented by a working relationship between the highly qualified on-campus teacher and the willingly involved at-home parent.
  3. The Parent Equipping Program (PEP) designed to affirm, encourage, and equip parents to take advantage of the time, opportunity, and tools the UME program provides, so they can be more involved in their child’s education while influencing their character, faith, and values.