How many hours per week must an employee work to be eligible for benefits?

  • 10 hours per week for TRS-ActiveCare Health Insurance with Aetna
  • 17.5 hours per week for supplemental benefits (dental, vision, etc.)

When can I apply?

Benefit Open Enrollment dates for 2017-2018 and other information to be announced at a later date.

When can I make changes to my policy?

Once the Enrollment period has ended, changes to the policy can not be made until the following enrollment period. The only exception would be if you experience a Qualifying Event. Qualifying Events include: death, birth/adoption, change in marital status, loss of other coverage.

Where can I find more information on Benefits?

Click the Benefits tab for more information.


Where can I find my paystub?

You can find your paycheck information on the Skyward Finance Live page. CLICK HERE!

To View your Check Stubs:

  1. Click on the Employee Information button.
  2. Click on Check History.
  3. Select the Check Stub you want to view and click the Show Check button on the right side of the screen.
  4. The Check Stub image will print to the screen. To print a physical copy of the check stub, click on the Print button on the right. How do I read my paystub?

What do the codes and abbreviations on my paycheck stub mean?

Deductions - What the Employee pays

  • 1FWH-Federal Withholding
  • 1FWHA-Federal Additional Tax
  • 1MC-Medicare
  • 1SS- FICA Social Security
  • 1TC-TRS Care
  • 1TR- TRS Regular
  • OSCWX-Scott & White
  • 5A1EC-Active Care 1 HD
  • 5A1EC-Active Care 1
  • 5A2EC-Active Care 2
  • 5ASEC-Active Care Select
  • ACCEX- Accident
  • CANHO-Cancer
  • CANHC-Cancer High Option
  • CANLO-Cancer
  • CANLC-Cancer Low Opt
  • CHKA1-DDP Chkg Amt
  • CHKA2-DDP Chkg Amt
  • CHKP1-DDP Chkg Amt 1
  • CHKP1-DDP Chkg Pct 1
  • CHKP2-DDP Chkg Pct 2
  • CHLIF-Children Life
  • DCARE- Dependent Care
  • DENTH-Dental High Opt
  • DENTL-Dental MAC Opt
  • DNTM-Dental DHMO opt
  • DIA07- Long Term Disab
  • DIA14-Long Term Disab
  • DIA18-Long Term Disab
  • DIA30-Long Term Disab
  • DIA60-Long Term Disab
  • DIA90-Long Term Disab
  • DIB07-Long Term Disab
  • DIB14-Long Term Disab
  • DIB18-Long Term Disab
  • DIB18-Long Term Disab
  • DIS30-Long Term Disab
  • DIB60-Long Term Disab
  • DIB90-Long Term Disab
  • EEADD-Empl Only AD&D
  • EELIF-Employee Life
  • EFAD-Empl Fam AD&D
  • HCARE-Healthcare Reim OTH
  • HCRFC-Healthcare Reim OTH
  • HAS00-Health Savings
  • IDTFT-Identify Theft
  • MEDLK-Medlink OTH
  • SAVA1-DDP Save Amt1
  • SAVP1-DDP Save Pct1
  • SAVP2-DDP Save Pct2
  • SPLIF- Spouse Life Ins
  • SSADJ- SS Adjustment Tax
  • TELEH-Telehealth
  • TXLIF-Individual Life
  • VIS00-Vision

Benefits - what the Employer is paying

  • 1MC-Medicare
  • 1SS-Social security
  • 1SUTA-State Unemployment tax
  • 1TC-TRS Direct Care
  • OSCWX- Scott & White
  • 5A1EC-Active Care 1 HD
  • 5A2EC-Active Care 2
  • 5ASEC-Active Care Select
  • WCC-Workers Comp Clerical
  • WCO-Workers Comp Other
  • WCP-Workers Comp Professional
  • BASIC- Basic Life
  • DENTH-Dental High Opt
  • DENTL-Dental MAC Opt
  • VIS00-Vision Insurance
  • WCC-WC Clerical
  • WCO-WC Other

When do I get paid?

Employees are paid on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on the weekend, payment will be posted on the Friday before. For complete details, please see Payroll Calendar.

How can I change my tax withholding?

Employee must submit a new W-4 form to payroll for any changes.

Where can I get a copy of my W-2 form?

Requests must be submitted by email to HR/Payroll. Please allow 2 business days for processing. Employee will be notified by email when their copy is available.

Human Resources

How do I get a copy of my Service Record?

Requests must be submitted by email to HR. Please allow 10 business days for processing. Employee will be notified by email when their copy is available.

How do I find out how many leave days I have left?

Contact HR by email or phone.

What do I do if I’m sick or need to miss work?

  • If an employee misses due to illness, emergency, or circumstances beyond their control, he or she MUST notify supervisor and the Sub Coordinator IMMEDIATELY. Employee must submit their Leave Form upon return. If employee misses more than 3 days, a doctor’s note will be needed.
  • If the employee is requesting leave, he or she must complete the Leave Form at least 5 days before scheduled absence.Teachers should inform the Sub Coordinator at the time of request (refer to the Employee Handbook). The more notice, the better!
  • Teachers missing class due to approved, school-related business (e.g., ARD meetings) also will need to submit a Leave Form but will not be charged with absence from duty nor lose either compensation or compensated leave time.

How can I become a sub?

If you are interesting in serving our school and students as a substitute, please complete an Employment Application. You will be contacted by HR and our Substitute Coordinator with more information.

How do I get a Verification of Employment letter?

  • Requests for Proof of Employment may be obtained by Contacting HR by email ([email protected]) or phone.
  • For requests submitted by a 3rd Party, employee must sign a consent form allowing the release of information.


Can I send in an application without specifying a position?

Yes, you may. You may also indicate a broader interest, such as;

  • if you are interested in a teaching position
  • If you prefer Elementary, Middle School, or High School
  • If you are interested in a support position

Do I need to include a resume?

It is not required, but it is helpful for our hiring managers.

Help! I’m having trouble with the Online Application.

Please contact our HR Department for any additional assistance.

New Hire

How do I schedule Fingerprinting?

Non-certified Individuals: After HR has uploaded your information, non-certified individuals will receive an email from MorphoTrust allowing you to schedule an appointment. Certified Individuals: Certified individuals must submit payment in ECOS to initiate pre-enrollment.

After payment is made, HR must be notified so that an upload of information can be submitted. You will receive an email from MorphoTrust after payment and the upload has been done to schedule an appointment. (For problems with payment, contact TEA for assistance: Fingerprint Unit, 512-936- 8400, option 3.)

Where do I turn in my documents?

All documents are to be completed in the PeopleAdmin (TalentEd) system. If you have any physical copies, please scan and submit them through the PeopleAdmin system. If you need any assistance, please contact HR.

I forgot my username / password to PeopleAdmin!

If you forgot your password, please go to https://umeprep.tedk12.com/sso/account/ForgotPassword. Or, email [email protected] if you have forgotten your username or need further assistance.

How do I log into the PeopleAdmin (TalentEd) site?

You will receive an automatic email with instructions to walk you through your first log in. If you need further assistance, please email [email protected]


I forgot my username / password to OnTheClock!

For Dallas, please email [email protected] For Duncanville, please email [email protected]

How can I make a correction to my time card?

You can use this OnTheClock Correction Form.

It won't let me clock out!

First, try shutting down the program, and turning off your WiFi. Then, try re-opening the OnTheClock app again. You may also try using the OnTheClock website to log in or out. If you continue to experience problems, please email [email protected]

Helpful Employee Forms