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Ride Change

Ride Change

We understand that occasionally a driver who is not on an approved list may need to pick up child(ren). In these instances, the affected parents or car pool drivers should e-mail us at [email protected] to provide us with the following information:
  • The names and grades of the children to be picked up, and the parent’s own phone number
  • The full name of the person picking up the affected child(ren) and a contact phone number for him or her; if this person is not on the approved list, we will need to speak with both parties prior to any child being released – even if a license is shown

The e-mail should look something like the following:

My name is Will E. Makeit and I authorize Nada Chance to pick up my children Cani Makeit (6th) and Didi Makeit (7th) today, (insert date). Please place Mrs. Chance on my approved list. She can be reached at (817) 555-4444 should you need to contact her.

Thank you,
Will E. Makeit
(972) 555-6666

In addition, the person that shows up will need to have the official carpool placard or a valid driver’s license to show proof of identity.