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Parent Equipping Program Events

At UME Prep, we believe it is vital for parents to be involved in their children’s lives, and we understand that all parents face their own, unique set of circumstances and challenges in raising and educating their children. We know, too, that many parents may feel overwhelmed, lost, or lacking confidence that they have the knowledge, skill, or ability necessary to be involved. Believing, also, that parental support and involvement offer benefits difficult to replicate through other avenues, the Parent Equipping Program (PEP) will help interested parents acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to meet the challenge of increasing the rate, type, and quality of their involvement in their child's academic experience.


As we journey together through the school year, please take note of some of the offerings we will be making available to our parents this year. Please see our UME Prep calendar and schedule for more information on dates and time:


Parent Equipping Program: Throughout the year, faculty, administrators, outside speakers, and fellow parents will provide parent trainings as a way of providing tools, resources, and strategies to support the parents partnering with us in their child’s education. The Parent Affairs Committee Parent Equipping Team work in partnership with the Dean of Parent Equipping and Principals to provide various trainings throughout the year which will cover topics in the following domains and tailored at either the K-4th, 5th-8th, or 9th-12th grade levels:


Parent Equipping Program (PEP) Framework

Parent Equipping Program (PEP) Framework

1. About UME – Philosophy and Goals

6. Social Issues

2. School-Family Communication

7. Parenting

3. Math/Science/STEM/Music Curriculum

8. Family Life

4. ELA/History/ Language/Art Curriculum

9. Special Populations

5. Technology/Social Media & Character

10. Transitions

All of the events mentioned below will address items in the PEP Framework.


Meet the Teacher Night (August): This is a night where our families can simply focus on operational needs such as obtaining various items (schedules, carpool tags, student parking tags, Child Nutrition info, locker info, registration forms, etc.), signing up for parent volunteering opportunities, and showing scholars around campus. Our parents and scholars will also have an opportunity to briefly meet their child’s teachers. Our faculty will simply be meeting and greeting our families at Meet the Teacher Night and we will then plan to provide more info about the school year and classes at the Curriculum Night events in September.


Curriculum Nights (September): These nights will be opportunities to hear from teachers about classroom expectations and tips, hear from family mentors, learn about various clubs and organizations, and in high school, learn about the academic advising process.


Town Hall Meetings: UME Prep will continue to offer Town Hall Meetings for both Elementary and Secondary. These are opportunities to hear important information from administration and ask questions.


Volunteering Opportunities (Ongoing): To learn more information about our Parents Achieving Community (PAC) and their parent teams, contact any PAC leader or the Dean of Parent Programs.


Family University:  Family University will take place each year and will allow parents an opportunity to pick and choose from an array of parent training offerings of interest to them.