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Jenna Pecor

Jenna PecorJenna Pecor is a Realtor, mom and lifelong resident of Grand Prairie. Her daughter, Avery, is going into the 4th grade and her second year at UME - and they both love this school!. Jenna was raised by educators; her retired father was a coach and a high school assistant principal and her retired mother was an elementary school teacher for over 30 years. (Her mom was at her school but her dad came to her high school the summer after she graduated - whew!) Jenna has a successful real estate business in her hometown of Grand Prairie and is very active within the community. She’s the founder of an estate sale liquidation company, is the author of a book on getting through divorce and hosts a community podcast called Faces of Grand Prairie where she interviews local elected officials, business owners and community activists. 
Jenna’s faith in God is the most important relationship in her life and she values integrity above all else. She believes in serving others without regard for personal gain and doing so with a fair and willing heart; this attitude was one of the main motivators for serving on the school board with UME Prep. She believes in what this school represents and has been encouraged and impressed with how the faculty and administration, parents and kids have carried themselves and is thrilled to be a part of that culture in whatever is needed! She’s looking forward to the future of this institution and feels so fortunate to be a part of it!