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Scott Graves -- Chairman

Scott GravesScott Graves is a graduate of both Wabash College and Indiana University with degrees in Spanish/Biology and Clinical Laboratory Science, respectively. He serves as Personnel Officer with Pioneer Bible Translators, a missionary organization for whom he and his wife, Kathy, have worked for 18 years. Scott leads the Personnel Division, including the teams responsible for Recruitment, Training, Onboarding, Missionary Care, Human Resources, and Personnel Development. He and his team develop systems and approaches to grow and strengthen a global workforce in 22 countries. Concurrent to his missionary work, Scott also has served on the Board of Directors for the Child Safety and Protection network, a collaborative network of mission agencies, faith-based NGOs and international Christian schools.


In the past, Scott directed the Analytical Chemistry lab for the US headquarters of Covance, a phase 3 clinical trials company. He led a diverse team of scientists in tracking patient health while taking new drugs created by pharmaceutical companies seeking FDA approval. He won the Covance Way Award for innovation after developing the first human blood lab test for sirolimus, the world’s go-to drug to prevent transplant rejection. Scott loves basketball, theater, hiking, learning languages, and helping people realize their full potential. His family has graduated 4 students from UME Prep already who are thriving in their universities. With one scholar remaining at UME, Scott is honored to serve on the Board to help current and future student bodies leverage the power that’s found in UME’s educational method.